TPC Meeting Notes – September 8th, 2016

Don Kearney – BHASED
Gary Maiden – BHASED
Cindy Feik – BHASED
Cari Stewart – BHASED
Katie Morford – BHASED
Rob Paul – BHASED
Gail Cahill – Alwood
Krista Haas – UTHS
Michele Henim – Riverdale
Meaghan Jackson – Sherrard
Sheila Puls – BHAEC
Megan Ernst – BHAEC
LaJean Breedlove – Geneseo
Tara Laingen – Geneseo
Janet Ludin – Rockridge
Robin Heiar – Moline
Jerilyn Clark – Moline
Chris Dyer – RIHS
Natalie Parrett – Orion
Sharon Simpson – Mercer County
Debra Holmes – QCC TEC
Jen Holdorf – BHC
Susan Sacco – BHC
Berniece Connelly Reveal – BHASED

1) ARC – Community Employment Services (CES)
a) Pamela Turner – ARC Program Supervisor
b) Jenny Miller – Job Developer
c) DRS can help access the ticket
d) Funding is limited and therefore services are also limited.
e) Any employment is being considered “gainfully employed” even 2-hours/week

2) Robert Young Center – Michelle Nguyen and Darcey Sebolt
a) Must have a mental health diagnosis
b) Email both
c) Willing to attend IEPs to offer a bridge to services
d) Can’t work with individuals who are already in a STEP program at school or in Transitions
e) Supported employment services
f) Serves 18 years old and older only
g) Career exploration
h) Assists with filling out applications
i) Builds relationships with employers
j) Connected with DRS due to funding for training, clothing, bus tickets
k) Not paid for follow-up services but does provide them
l) Medicaid pays for case managers

3.) Election of Officers for TPC-

a.) Co-Chair: Berniece Connelly Reveal
b.) Secretary: Robin Heiar

4.) Equip For Equality- Mindie Melin
a.) Promote voting registration and services/rights for persons with disabilities

5.) QC Transition Planning Committee Online Resource Guide
b.) beneficial for teachers with IEP’s
c.) Community resources/agencies develop their own page
d.) handout passed out about website and encouraged to add to IEP

6.) Survey
a.) What will work best for meting times to get everyone involved….

7.) Agency Fair:
a.) discussion on changing time or extending time during the day for teachers to be able to go to the fair.

8.) Autism Society Spokesperson- on Board of Directors- Gary Row
a.) Local affiliate of National Organization
b.) Information, education, organization and support
c.) Works mostly with families
d.) Programs and support groups
e.) Assistance to individuals- up to $250/person in a single year. Theater classes, college books, etc…

Next TPC Meeting: Thursday, November 10th at 1:00pm

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