TPC Executive Meeting Notes – 10/24/16

Attendees: Deb Holmes, Berniece Connelly-Reveal, Robin Heiar, Rob Hull, Katie Morford
Absent: Don Kearney, Jen Holdorf, Marissa Cantu, Monica McColley, Amanda Lucki, Hershel Jackson

TPC Email List
Berniece is going to update list – remove old and and new.

Website Review
Corey will update links.
Corey’s new email is
Provide basic description with link so those searching for information can select what applies rather than clicking on every link. (Don Kearney)
Update website calendar.

Next TPC Meeting
November 10, 2016.
At BHASED at 1pm.
CSO (Community Service Options) – Dawn Imel
Berniece will send out invites.

Vendor Fair and Bi-State
Location – Either BHC or WIU
Bi-State Sessions (post-secondary training and education) in the morning.
Vendor fair in the afternoon (1-5pm) – parents invited
Lunch will be provided – Little Caesar’s or Hy-Vee pizza.

DHS Grant
Has been submitted

Next Executive meeting:
Tuesday, December 13 at 8pm (BHASED).

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