Notes from November 18, 2014 TPC Meeting at Abilities Plus

Abilities Plus

1. (Kim Walker) Workshop – 26 individuals

    a. Assembling kits
    b. Packaging and labeling gloves
    c. Tyco moved to Texas but still
    d. Janitorial at churches
    e. Resale shop
    f. Wreaths
    g. Salvation Army – paid minimum wage to ring bells

2. (Kim Walker) Dev. Training: more need – more staff

    a. In-house training – shred paper
    b. Self Help skills
    c. $47 a day for Developmental Training $25/day for workshop

3. (Jessica Moore) Residential – 15 clients being served with a waiting list.

    a. Goal is community involvement
    b. Day and workshop programs
    c. 3 CILA Group Homes

4. Birth-3 program

5. Home base and respite support programs

6. (Drew Angotti) Western Illinois Service Coordination for Henry and Stark Counties

    a. Screening agent

        i. Contracted by DHS
        ii. Put clients on the PUNS (Priority of Urgency of Need for Services) list

          1. Emergency Need – immediate need
          2. Critical need – need is within the year
          3. Planning for Need – need is several years in the future
          4. Services can be obtained in crisis situations for Homeless, abandonment, abuse or neglect
          5. The PUNS form is available on the DHS website
          6. Students can be put on the PUNS list as early as 3 years old
          7. Home based waiver-vs-CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) funding

            b. Screener
            c. Helps oversee care through Abilities Plus once chosen

7. Tour of facility

    a. Play therapy rooms – Young children with developmental needs
    b. Workshop – teaches vocational skills
    c. Day Training rooms – teaches life skills
    d. Exercise room – encourages clients and staff to stay fit.
    e. Computer room – used for applying for jobs ad learning/social activities
    f. Sensory Room
    g. Client break room with kitchen
    h. Henry County Public Transportation Office

TPC Meeting
1. Ideas for future TPC tours and activities

    a. Teacher/Agency connections
    b. Warren Achievement Center
    c. Transition/Agency fair –

      i. possibly at Plumbers & Pipefitters
      ii. possibly Spring or fall 2015

2. Deb Holmes 309-752-1697
3. Next in late February
4. Website – Links to various services provided by given agencies

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